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Done With These Losers

Today the GOP House voted to raise the debt limit, and the bill is expected to pass in the Senate rather than just being a bit of posturing.

The Reps took a bold stand in return for raising it, right? Well, no. The extension is for no particular amount, meaning it's a blank check until May, which means the Treasury will stock up to be prepared for another "fight" and Congress won't need to act again until at least July.

But they demanded spending cuts, right? No. No cuts.

But they're demanding that a budget be passed? Not really. They're demanding that the House and Senate each pass a budget. Not necessarily the same one, or one that the Leader will sign. The Senate has already said it plans to pass some kind of budget for once this year, so the House is basically placing a demand on itself to do something that will accomplish nothing.

Well, at least they'll have teeth to back up that demand... Ha ha, no. The penalty for failure at this modest goal is that Congress' pay will be delayed, at most, until the end of their session.

I find myself agreeing with several quoted Democrats who said that the House's action is a pointless act of theater intended to fool Tea Party people yet again into supporting more debt and no spending cuts. But the House overwhelmingly voted to keep Boehner, so even the "conservative" House members are complicit.

I'm done with these losers in the Republican Party. I will not vote for them again even if I'm promised Zombie Reagan as the candidate. That goes even for alleged conservatives like Ryan. If they're not willing to tear off that "R" in disgust, that tells me they think the status quo is just fine. (Ought to change my voter registration while I'm at it.)

I'm planning to join the Texas Nationalist Movement, a secessionist group. As far as I can tell from their own site and looking for critics, there's no credible argument that they're a racist or violent or fundamentalist-only group. Anyone see some horrible feature of them that I'm overlooking? Worst thing I see about them so far is that they don't currently have many paying members, and as long as I'm handing people money on Kickstarter for far less important causes like furry video games, why not?
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